The New Paramount Decision: Michael De Luca

Variety this week reports that Michael De Luca, a producer at Universal, has turned down Paramount’s offer to be the studio’s 2nd after the new CEO, presumably Jim Ginaopulos. If one considers De Luca’s record, it makes sense as to why Paramount would want him on board:

“He is considered one of the most prolific and respected producers working with the studio, guiding key projects like the “Fifty Shades of Grey” films. Universal was particularly intent on keep De Luca in the fold because another key producer, Scott Stuber, is reportedly mulling an opportunity to run the feature film unit at Netflix”

Paramount, which has been consistently ranked last place among the major studios for the past five years, seeks to hire Ginapulous, in the hopes of revitalizing the company. Deadline reports:

“The development ratchets up the importance of finding a way to make things work with Gianopulos. He had a stellar track record at Fox, but his expertise isn’t as a creative executive as much as in areas like global distribution”

Ginaopulos’ experience in global distribution is not a bad thing for Paramount if he accepts the position for it allows the company to tap into the international market and gain international arbitrage through business deals (eventually, for Paramount, in its current state, is in no position to make such deals). Of course, if the opposite occurs Paramount will be back at square one and without Michael De Luca or Ginaopulos, they will be hard-pressed to find anyone capable of fixing and turning around the company’s hardships.





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