A New Dark Knight: Matt Reeves, Batman, and Lego

This week, the Hollywood Reporter states that Matt Reeves, the director of War for the Planet of the Apes (2017), and Cloverfield (2008), is slated for the next Batman film. Given his resume, this could mean a new direction for The Caped Crusader, who since Nolan took over in 2005, has been “grounded” in reality. The Hollywood Reporter had this to say: “It only makes sense to have a more fantastic big screen Batman now; as part of the expanded Justice League universe…wouldn’t going back to fighting non-super-powered psychopaths, no matter how ambitious they might be, feel just a little bit too much like a downgrade?”

The Hollywood Reporter, on Matt Reeves’ direction: “The addition of Reeves to the franchise… can be seen, then, as a positive sign at widening the idea of what a Batman movie can be once again.”

In terms of what this ultimately means, one only needs to look at this weekend’s box-office, specifically, the success of The Lego Batman Movie. It serves as evidence that people do not necessarily want, or even need, the gritty world of Nolan’s The Dark Knight; that what they crave are good stories peppered with the right amounts of humor, action, and the fantastical. Does it mean that grit and grim are no longer welcome? Of course not. But there is a time and a place for such things; sometimes, it’s nice to kick back, relax and delve into a fantasy- not be reminded of the world and its problems.


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